2 Simple Steps to Create a CSS Custom Scrollbar


Scrollbars are an essential component of the web page. Default scrollbars provided by web browsers are functional, but they may not always align with the overall design aesthetic of a website. Fortunately, with HTML and CSS, you can create a custom scrollbar to enhance the user experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the process of creating personalized scrollbars and even provide you with a handy code snippet to kickstart your customization journey.

Basic Structure

To begin, let’s set up the basic HTML structure so the page is large enough to show a scrollbar.

CSS Styling

Let’s add CSS to style our scrollbar.

It’s important to note that different web browsers may have varying support and implementation for custom scrollbars. For example: ::-webkit-scrollbar is for Chrome browser and ::-moz-scrollbar is for Firefox browser. It’s essential to consider cross-browser compatibility.


CSS Custom Scrollbar

Putting It All Together

Here’s the complete code snippet to create a custom scrollbar using HTML and CSS.


By customizing scrollbars using HTML and CSS, you can enhance the user experience and align the appearance of your website or application with your overall design. You can experiment with the code snippets provided in this blog post, to customize the perfect scrollbar for your project.

Keep coding!!

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