100+ FREE Resources Every Web Developer Must Try

In this post, I’ll share 100+ free web development resources including APIs, hosting platforms, cheat sheets, icons, templates, fonts, color resources, learning platforms, CSS games, code editors, and JavaScript animation libraries.

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FREE Resources to Learn Web Development πŸ”₯


YouTube Channels

FREE Hosting Platforms for Your Websites πŸ”₯

  • Netlify: Deploy your web projects with ease.
  • Render: Host web applications and static sites effortlessly.
  • GitHub Pages: Host your static websites directly from your GitHub repository.
  • Firebase Hosting: Scale your web apps effortlessly with Firebase.
  • Vercel: Deploy websites and applications with automatic deployments.
  • Cyclic.sh: Host your static sites with zero configuration.
  • Appwrite: Open-source backend server for web and mobile developers.
  • Supabase: Build modern apps with a scalable backend.
  • InfinityFree: Free and unlimited web hosting with PHP, MySQL, and more.
  • Surge: Static web publishing for front-end developers.

FREE APIs for Your Projects πŸ”₯

  • OpenWeatherMap API: Access current weather data for any location.
  • News API: Retrieve live news articles from various sources.
  • REST Countries API: Get information about countries worldwide.
  • Chuck Norris Jokes API: Lighten up your projects with Chuck Norris jokes.
  • Open Food Facts API: Access food product information and ingredients.
  • GitHub API: Integrate GitHub functionalities into your applications.
  • Reddit API: Fetch Reddit data, including posts and comments.
  • OneDrive API: Manage files and folders on Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Dogs API: Bring adorable dog images and information to your projects.
  • GIPHY API: Integrate GIFs and stickers into your applications.
  • OMDb API: Access a database of movies and TV shows.
  • VirusTotal API: Analyze suspicious files and URLs for malware.
  • PokeAPI: Retrieve PokΓ©mon data for your gaming-related projects.
  • NASA API: Access a wealth of NASA data, including imagery and information.

FREE Sites for Vectors, Images, and Illustrations πŸ”₯

  • Freepik: Discover free vectors, photos, PSDs, and icons.
  • Vecteezy: Find high-quality vector art, graphics, and illustrations.
  • Unsplash: Access over a million free high-resolution photos.
  • Pixabay: Explore a vast library of free images and videos.
  • Flaticon: Download free icons, SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format, or as ICON FONT.
  • Openclipart: Share and use free clipart and images.
  • SVGRepo: Download SVGs for free.
  • Vectorportal: Free vectors, clip art, and icons.
  • SVGBackgrounds: Customizable SVG patterns and backgrounds.
  • FreeDesignFile: High-quality graphic design resources.
  • Pexels: Find free stock photos and videos shared by talented creators.
  • Vectorian: Download royalty-free vector art, stock photos, and stock footage.

FREE Icons for Your Projects πŸ”₯

FREE Fonts for Your Projects πŸ”₯

FREE Color Resources for Your Projects πŸ”₯

FREE Cheat Sheet SitesπŸ”₯

FREE Sites for HTML/CSS Templates πŸ”₯

Learn CSS by Playing Games πŸ”₯

FREE Code Editors πŸ”₯

JavaScript Animation Libraries πŸ”₯

  • Anime.js: Lightweight JavaScript animation library.
  • ScrollReveal.js: Easily reveal elements as they enter the viewport.
  • Popmotion: A functional, flexible JavaScript motion library.
  • AniJS: Declarative handling library for CSS animations.
  • Wow.js: Reveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page.
  • Typed.js: A JavaScript library that types.
  • Velocity.js: Accelerated JavaScript animation.
  • GSAP: Professional-grade animation for the modern web.

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  1. Hey, great list!
    Another AMAZING free resource is https://devdocs.io. They have easy-to-access documentation for tons of frameworks, libraries, and languages. 650+ last I checked. I highly recommend it.
    Have a good one!


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