10 VS Code Extensions To Boost Your Productivity as a Web Developer

VS Code is an incredibly popular code editor among web developers because of its flexibility, speed, and extensive library of available extensions. In this blog, I’ll introduce you to 10 VS Code Extensions that can boost your productivity as a web developer.

Live Preview

Live Preview extension lets you see your website in a little browser inside VS Code. So you don’t have to leave your code editor to check the changes to your website.

It automatically updates as you make changes to your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files. So you don’t need to refresh your page everytime.

VS Code Extensions


ESLint extension is a must-have for JavaScript developers. It checks your code and lets you know if there are mistakes, like forgetting semicolons or using undefined variables and guides you to write better code.

VS Code Extensions


Prettier extension is a code formatter that automatically formats your code to match your preferred style guide, whenever you save. So your code always appears clean and tidy.

VS Code Extensions

Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense extension provides autocomplete suggestions for file paths. It reduces the chances of making errors and saves you from manually typing long paths.

VS Code Extensions


Peacock is a unique extension that allows you to pick different colors for your different VS code workspaces. This is handy when you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously. You can give each project workspace a different color and easily differentiate them.

VS Code Extensions


VSCode-icons extension adds icons to your folders and files. It makes them visually more appealing and intuitive.

VS Code Extensions


Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion extension. It checks your typing patterns and suggests entire lines or blocks of code and helps you speed up your coding process.

VS Code Extensions

Code Runner

Code Runner extension allows you to run code snippets inside your editor. It supports multiple languages and frameworks.

VS Code Extensions

ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native Snippets

ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native Snippets provide quick and easy access to boilerplate code. If you’re working with React, Redux, or React Native, these snippets save you time and speed up your development workflow.

VS Code Extensions


Postman extension is a must-have for web developers working on API-related projects. It allows you to easily play with your APIs and test them right inside your code editor. No need to switch back and forth.

VS Code Extensions


By trying out these VS Code extensions, you’ll work faster, make your work smoother, and keep your code in great shape. Give them a try and experience the difference in your development process.

Let me know your favorite VS Code extensions in the comments.

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